PBS Kids Just Released 20 Second Covid Healthy Habits for Kids

PBS Kids Playlist

PBS Kids just released a series of FREE staying safe and healthy songs. What’s even more amazing is that each video displays a song about 20-40 seconds long!

Here are a few songs from the playlist:

Hand Washing Song | ABC Song!

Hand Washing Song | Wheels on the Bus!

Hand Washing Song | Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Canción Para Lavarse Las Manos | La Arana Pequenita |

Hand Washing Song | 🚣‍♂️ Row Row Row Your Boat!

When Should You Wash Your Hands

Journey of a Germ | Sid the Science Kid

Sneeze and Cough Safely! | Odd Squad

SONG! When You’re Sick, Rest is Best! | DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD

Washy Wash Song!

How to Stay Away from Germs! | Odd Squad

Click HERE for more information.

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