Meaningful Words in Preschool Virtual Learning

Research shows that infants and toddlers acquire language at a much higher rate due to an increase in brain development during the younger years. When working with young children virtually, it is imperative to acknowledge and support language development through healthy interactions between the child, parent and teacher.

According to The Linguistic Society, children acquire language through interactions with parents, teachers and other children.

Whether you are conducting a Zoom, Google Hangout, or FaceTime with your toddlers and preschoolers, the language interactions between the adult and the child matter.

To support the overall language development of young children when conducting remote learning opportunities, teachers and parents should be aware of exactly “what” is being communicated. It’s important!

As a guide, here are 5 ways to enhance preschool language development while conducting virtual learning:

Examples of Positive Expressive Language by Luminere Children’s Therapy found HERE

Try this:

Caregiver to child: “Good morning to you (child’s name). Today is Wednesday and it’s bright and sunny outside. Can you see the sun from your window? Can you show me?”

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