Digital Planners 101

Hey Teachers or Parents! When choosing a digital planner, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are an educator or parent homeschooling your child during virtual learning, you will find this article extremely beneficial. When choosing a digital planner, keep in mind the following: accessibility, user friendliness, costs, and of course aesthetics. To find the right, digital planner, read below:

Microsoft One Note:

Free; Online version/Mobile Application

•Offers immersive reader (assistive technology for people with disabilities)

•Convert computer screen to Printable document (pdf)

•Touch screen capabilities

Microsoft One Note Immersive Reader

Whiteboard for iOS:

•Free/ Mobile application

•Simple writing screen with multicolored writing options

•Export final document and import pictures on existing document

Whiteboard for iOS


•Free Mobile Application

•Some touch screen writing capabilities

•Export file and/or save on Drive



•Import/Export images

•Multicolored text option

•Embedded art/photos

•Touch screen drawing abilities


Drawing Desk

•Free version offers limited access

•Kids/adult version

•Import coloring sheets for children

•Touch screen writing/coloring

Drawing Desk
Drawing Desk

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