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St. Patrick’s Day Activities Your Family Can Enjoy!

Luck of the Irish? ☘️ Or, just lucky. Whether or not you wore green today, here are a few activities to celebrate today’s festivities!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities Your Family Can Enjoy!

1. Create a green drink!

Photo Credit- The Seasoned Mom

Make a cup of Green fruit juice, green milk, green smoothie or green tea all with added food coloring or natural coloring. The Seasoned Mom provides a four ingredient Monster Green Smoothie.

2. Lucky charms crafts

Lucky for parents, St. Patrick’s Day has its own cereal (Lucky Charms) . Use this to create rainbow art! Sort, count, and eat the treats! Children can also create necklaces and bracelets using the cereal also. Staying Close to Home has provided a how to create St. Patrick’s Day inspired crafts.

Photo credit- Staying Close to Home

3. Hunt for Clovers!

Place clovers throughout your house and allow littles to hunt for clovers! Count how many you have found.

4. Get Dressed and Attend St. Patrick’s Day Festivals

Search for local parades, bikeathons, festivals of the likes for the holiday. Don’t forget to wear green!

5. Bake Green Cookies!

Photo credit- Butter With a Side of Bread

Butter with a Side of Bread provides a list of St. Patrick’s Day goodies and treats! Check out the mint chocolate chip cookies!

Photo credit- Butter With a Side of Bread

6. Attend a Virtual Parade

Larger cities such as New York and St. Louis are among the few who are hosting virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parades. Sit back and enjoy the festivities from the comfort of your home! ☘️ Click Here for a compete schedule fo the St. Louis St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2021.

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