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Top Virtual Zoo’s for National Zoo Lovers Day 2021

Grab your tablet or device and get comfy! National Zoo Lovers Day is April 8th and this year, virtual Zoo’s are back with more to offer!

Click the links to learn more about each virtual zoo!

Houston Zoo

Watch the gorillas take control of the exhibit or the sea otters flip past the camera. There’s even a camera set in front of the smallest animal at the zoo…ANTS! To learn more about the Houston Zoo click the link!

Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo TV (DZTV) is provided through YouTube to allow viewers the opportunity to engage in the virtual world of their favorite zoo animals! To learn more about the Denver Zoo, click the link!

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Participate in a Wild Chats and Zoo on the Move with Zoo Keepers. Parents have the option to choose non-school virtual trips or school related virtual zoo trips. Click the link to schedule a chat or tour!

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo offers 10 cameras for young and old viewers to engage with wildlife! Watch the koala’s, apes, or polar bears in action! Click Here!

Georgia Aquarium

Join the Georgia Aquarium for Virtual Yoga by the Water, virtual tours, Sea Otter webcam along with many other online activities for young children. Click the link above!

Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo offers a virtual experience with tracking through the Northwest Voyage with Sea Lion. Or, travel down the Zambezi River with hippos! The primates are also an option, as young and old viewers can virtually engage in the world of apes through Primate Canyon! Click the link!

Each zoo offers the ability to engage with wildlife for all zoo lovers! Take advantage of the opportunity and Happy Zoo Lovers Day 2021!

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