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Mother’s Day D.I.Y. Gift Guide 2021

1. Decorated Mug

Photo Courtesy of Good House Keeping

2. Magnet Portrait

Photo Credit-Busy Creating Memories

3. Foot Print Art

Photo Credit-Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

4. Homemade Terrarium

Photo Credit-NASA

5. Handpicked flowers

6. Pattern Notebook

Photo Credit- The Spruce Crafts

7. Love Book

Photo courtesy of

8. Homemade Bath Bombs

Photo Courtesy of Happiness is Homemade

9. Crayon Candle

Photo Courtesy of Ever Mine

10. Chocolate Bouquet

Photo Courtesy of Funender

11. Coffee Filter Flower

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

12. Homemade body scrub

Photo Courtesy of Simply Veganista

13. Picture Frame Vase

Photo Credit- IHeartArtsAndCrafts

14. Framed Quote

Photo Credit- Lia Griffith

15. DIY Pillow Spray

Photo Credit- A Beautiful Mess

16. Homemade Coasters

Photo Credit-TheThinkingCloset

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