Color Coding and Labeling to Help Kids Stay Organized

One of my biggest challenges is staying organized during the week. With two children ages 10 and under, by Wednesday, no one knows where anything is or how to find it.

Every week, I tell myself…

“I. Will. Stay. Organized. This. Week.”

And it doesn’t happen. I asked my daughter to bring me a bottle of body wash and she handed me coconut oil. Not a huge mistake, but a little label would’ve helped that.

Mornings bring a different struggle of find the missing shoe, bag, and favorite t-shirt.

So the search began. Who knew Pinterest had so much on coding and labeling? Of course, in the classroom, labels are ever present to keep curriculum, student and teacher materials, and personal item in order.

How can we do the same thing at home? I went searching for different ways to color coordinate at home and here’s what I found:

Color Coordinate Dishes, Cups, Bottles, and Clothing

Photo courtesy of Bright Star Labels

What are the benefits of a color-coding scheme?

  • Own fewer items overall, 1-2 things in each child’s color.
  • Kids take responsibility for their items more easily. It is much simpler for little kids to take their dishes to the kitchen and hang up their towel when they can easily identify which items are theirs based on looking for ‘their’ color.
  • Easy for parents to see at a glance who has been leaving their dishes/towel lying around!
  • Easier sorting with items like socks, jocks clothing, etc when you can see the color at a glance.
  • No fighting over who gets what color. This was seriously the biggest benefit for me, my older twins used to argue endlessly over one particular green plate, assigning colors eliminated these arguments completely. To learn more click the Link.
Bright Star Labels

Color Coding Devices

Simply interchanging the device covers to eliminate any confusion regarding devices and ownership. Life As A Mom details how and where to purchase these device covers for young children. Click Here to learn more.

Photo Courtesy of Life As A Mom

Color Coding Towels

This one is a little harder for me, personally! We use a lot of towels. However, If anyone is interested in taking a stab at this one- see below:

Life As a Mom

Life as a Mom– Buy bath towels of different hues if you prefer a certain color family to match your bathroom decor, but make it easy for kids to know whose towel is whose. And yes, towels can be used more than once. Ahem.


Organized Mom gives us the real deal on color coding at home. This ranges from clothing to schedules to toothbrushes to school supplies. Click the link above.

Let’s get organized!

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