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18 Tips For Parents- Establishing Healthy Sleeping Patterns For Children At Home

The Sleep Foundation describes the role of a healthy sleeping pattern is a key contributor to the development of young minds. Also, there is a direct relation to healthy sleeping patterns and overall happiness, as sleep has an effect on cognitive performance, mood, resiliency, learning and memory. To learn more about Healthy Sleeping Patterns for Young Children and The Effects of Not Receiving Enough Sleep, click the link here.

18 Tips For Parents- Establishing Healthy Sleeping Patterns For Children At Home

1. Turn off computer screens and lights well in advance. It is suggested that children “power down” well enough in advance so that children have enough winding down time.

2. Establishing a bedtime routine with the help of your child. Let them decide which thing you both should do first (such as taking a bath, reading, and brushing teeth). 

3. Allow your child to choose their favorite bedtime bear or stuffed animal

4. Take a bath, read a story, or sing a song. For more information on bedtime story book lists, read 90 Of The Best Bedtime Stories. To help your child relax, read The Best Bedtime Stories To Relax Your Child Before Bedtime for an age by age guide to bedtime stories for children. 

5. Stay positive and keep practicing! It is suggested that parents do not punish their children for getting up during bedtime. Avoid negative associations with bedtime and reward your child when he or she stays in bed and falls asleep.

6. Newborns do not have a set bedtime. Children this age sleep on demand and it is important that parents keep this in mind, as it is part of their development.

7. Start a quiet time, such as listening to quiet music or reading a book, 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime.

8. After the scheduled time, children should follow up with brush teeth. This time can also be used for changing diapers, toileting, and bath time.

9. Allow your child to take security items to bed, where age appropriate. These items sometime includes stuffed animals and security blankets.

10. Never allow an infant to fall asleep with a bottle. This will reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

The CDC recommends the following tips for parents seeking to establish a bedtime routine:

1. Set bed and wake-up times at the same time each day, including weekends.

2. Keep the bedroom quiet and a comfortable temperature.

3. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom.

4. Avoid large meals and caffeine before bedtime.

5. Make sure kids are active during the day so they can fall asleep at night.

6. Model good sleep behaviors for kids.

7. Have a bedtime routine like taking a warm bath, brushing teeth, and reading a bedtime story.

8. Turn the lights out at bedtime.

Check out this visual from the CDC- Do Your Children Get Enough Sleep?

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