IOS Voice for Preschool

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Did you know you can use your Apple Phone to record your voice? If you want to record a goodnight/good morning song (working moms), short message, alphabet song or record a message to calm your child while he/she is at childcare, this is a great tech option. Find a text buddy (grandma, teacher, parent) and send your message. These can also be downloaded for email use.

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5 Easy Ways to Integrate Technology into Preschool Learning at Home

Here is a list of ways to connect preschool learning with technology:

Technology in learning is booming right now. Not only are teachers seeking for innovative ways to integrate technology into learning, parents are having to also integrate their devices into their child’s learning.

1. Take nature walk photos and print them:

🍁 Take a short nature walk around your house, neighborhood or park. Take pictures of the things you see (I.e. leaves, trees, flowers, dirt, water puddle). After the walk, print the photos and allow your child to glue them in a journal (this can be a spiral notebook or made with construction paper).

2. Letter/Shape Tracing

Letter tracing can be done using FaceTime, Google Duo, and iOS Messages for immediate free options. There are many letter tracing apps available on iOS and Android, as well such as the ABC Kids App.

To enhance the fun: Find a messaging buddy for your child (i.e. teacher/parent) to exchange the letter messages between parent/child/educator. The teacher can send the letter via message and allow the child to respond with their hand written letter.

Google Duo
ABC Kids App
IOS Camera

3. Story time

YouTube Kids offers free and short story time videos for young children like The Very Hungry Spider. To gauge attention, stick to engaging/short videos. Parents can pause the videos to discuss what is being seen in the video.

The Very Hungry Spider

4. E-Books

If you have a touch screen device, the use of E-Books can allow your child the opportunity to “turn the page” of the story as you read aloud. Using E-books allows the parent to be involved in the learning experience and the child to be actively present in the story by presuming responsibility for turning the pages or scrolling to the next page. Free E-Books are not as difficult to find as in the past. Oxford Owl has an online E-Book library that can be categorized by age group and made downloadable. Also, Free Kids Books has a library of online e-books ready to download for Free.

5. Record Dramatic Play

Record your child playing dress up. Make it into a movie! Dress up with your child and act out a scene. Afterwards, play back the movie using your device and talk about it with them.


PBS Kids Just Released 20 Second Covid Healthy Habits for Kids

PBS Kids Playlist

PBS Kids just released a series of FREE staying safe and healthy songs. What’s even more amazing is that each video displays a song about 20-40 seconds long!

Here are a few songs from the playlist:

Hand Washing Song | ABC Song!

Hand Washing Song | Wheels on the Bus!

Hand Washing Song | Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Canción Para Lavarse Las Manos | La Arana Pequenita |

Hand Washing Song | 🚣‍♂️ Row Row Row Your Boat!

When Should You Wash Your Hands

Journey of a Germ | Sid the Science Kid

Sneeze and Cough Safely! | Odd Squad

SONG! When You’re Sick, Rest is Best! | DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD

Washy Wash Song!

How to Stay Away from Germs! | Odd Squad

Click HERE for more information.

Media Tools

Your Complete Guide to YouTube Kids

The YouTube Kids App provides another layer to learning for young children. Much like YouTube, YouTube Kids is downloadable on mobile devices along with desktops. Most recently, YouTube Kids has become available on Amazon Fire TV.

YouTube Kids “Shows”category

Upon downloading the app on iOS, there was an immediate prompt to select “Parent” or “Child.” When the “Child” prompt is selected, the user is automatically redirected back to the “Parent” navigation. In other words, a parent profile and 4-digit code must be created first.

YouTube Kids “Music” category

Once the 4-digit pin is created, along with entering a simple multiplication mathematical problem into the security check, the “Child” profile can be created. At this point, the age range of the child is inquired. Upon selection of the age range, a series of video categories will appear.

YouTube Kids “Learning” Category

The categories include: “Recommended, Shows, Reading, Learning and Explore.” Under each category, the user will find age appropriate videos sub-categorized based on varying topics/channels/series.

Storyline Online YouTube Kids Channel

Under the “Settings,” parents have the option to control content, reset password, and even turn of search engine as means of safety. The option to stop the “Recommended” video feature is also available to turn off/on.

Screen time is always a concern when integrating technological applications into the lives of young children. The overall objective is to provide interactive learning experiences remotely or on-the-go. However, parents should err on the side of caution and monitor the amount of screen time their child engages within. Unstructured screen time can lead to lifelong illnesses including obesity. For more information on how to effectively promote healthy screen time for young child, visit The Mayo Clinic.

YouTube Kids has proven to provide quality, free screen time to young children through their efforts to expand the apps functions. We can only hope that this is all the beginning!

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Top 5 Apps for Young Children

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, software applications are seeing an increase in downloading and usage. Here are the top 5 applications for young children:

1. ABCMouse.com

Interactive games, books, songs, puzzles and lessons that engage young children. Tracking available for progress monitoring.

30 Day Free Trial

Cost- $10/Monthly

Ages- 2-8

2. PBSKIDS Video

Free educational videos for children of all ages. Videos are available to stream from any mobile or technology device.

Cost- FREE

Ages- All Ages

3. PBS Kids Games

100+ Free educational games for young children. Safe, positive and friendly learning experiences for children and families.

Cost- Free

Ages- 2-8

3. Kiddopia- ABC Toddler Games

Educational application providing learning experiences on ABC’s, counting, sorting, spelling, addition, subtraction, colors, shapes, and more.

Cost- 6.99/ Monthly


4. PBS Parent Play and Learn

Interactive app that encourages parent involvement and participation. 13 interactive games to adjust to the child’s level.


Cost- Free

5. Vroom

Everyday app that encourages one on one interaction between parent and child. Vroom is compatible to smart devices and computers with in app daily reminders.

Ages- 0-5

Cost- Free