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  • Benefits of Playing Hide and Seek

    The age old game of Hide and Seek has traveled throughout many generations, and just maybe the go to game for you and your young child. According to The Child Development Institute, playing Hide and Seek with young children can have life long benefits including the following:

    • Teaches the concept of object permanence- “Things can still exist even when they cannot see them”
    • Increases imagination
    • Encourages problem solving skills
    • Conflict resolution with others
    • Numerous opportunities to bond with parent
    • Physical activity through running and jumping

    Check out this Hide and Seek video for Toddlers!

    Click HERE

  • 20 Ideas When on Zoom With A Preschooler

    Zoom!  Zoom!  Zoom! 

    Technology is flowing full steam ahead. With that, being in quarantine has forced creativity to sore at an all time high in most households, especially those with young children. Although, this is a “different” time, innovative interactions are taking place for our youngest learners.

    If you are an educator or a parent that is looking for creative ways to excite your preschooler while Zoom video calling, this is for you!

    Here are 20 Ideas When on Zoom With Your Preschoolers:

    1. Virtual Hide and Seek Around the House- Have your preschooler give you clues where they have chosen to hide. Make sure mom or dad is supervising to ensure safe hiding places are happening

    2. Cooking with My Teacher– This is a great way to talk about sequence (First, Next, Then, and Last) when cooking! “What are you mixing together first?”

    3. Drawing Together/Free Art

    4. Virtual Story time

    5. Letter Activity (Flash cards)– Show flash cards on the screen and pause for student to respond. Creating online flash cards and using a split screen such as Flip Grid is another option.

    6. Grocery shopping with my Teacher- Schedule a time to Zoom while the student is grocery shopping with parents. Practice naming some of the items you see in the store

    7. Virtual Circle Time with Friends

    8. Show and Tell- This can include favorite toys, household pets, drawings, etc

    9. Practice Counting Together

    1 2 3 Song

    10. Practice ABC’s Song

    11. Collect Rocks and Plants from outside and show them off

    12. Gardening with my mom/dad and teacher- Schedule a Zoom and plan for your student and parent(s) to plant flowers or vegetables

    13. Practice lacing shoe strings

    14. Talk about why people are wearing masks

    15. Encourage healthy habits– If your preschooler says they need to use the restroom or sneezing, be sure to encourage healthy habits, even virtually

    16. Playlist Sing-A-Long

    17. Have Your Preschooler Showcase their skills- “Hop on One Foot! Hold Your Left Arm in the Air!”

    18. Eat Lunch Together- Schedule a Zoom during your students lunch time and chat it up

    19. Nature Walk in Backyard

    20. Scavenger Hunt Around the House- Provide pictures and names of safe items that may be in your preschoolers home like “Window,” “Light,” and “Sock”

    While these aren’t all sure signs that your preschooler will stay engaged during the entire Zoom video call, these are great learning and interactive opportunities!

  • Morning Preschooler Counting Activity

    Good morning! Check out this counting cooking game on

    Counting Cooking Game for Preschoolers

    •Parents, you can talk about cooking breakfast and lunch! What makes them different? What utensils do you need? How many tacos do you see?

    Click the link above to play!

  • Digital Planners 101

    Hey Teachers or Parents! When choosing a digital planner, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are an educator or parent homeschooling your child during virtual learning, you will find this article extremely beneficial. When choosing a digital planner, keep in mind the following: accessibility, user friendliness, costs, and of course aesthetics. To find the right, digital planner, read below:

    Microsoft One Note:

    Free; Online version/Mobile Application

    •Offers immersive reader (assistive technology for people with disabilities)

    •Convert computer screen to Printable document (pdf)

    •Touch screen capabilities

    Microsoft One Note Immersive Reader

    Whiteboard for iOS:

    •Free/ Mobile application

    •Simple writing screen with multicolored writing options

    •Export final document and import pictures on existing document

    Whiteboard for iOS


    •Free Mobile Application

    •Some touch screen writing capabilities

    •Export file and/or save on Drive



    •Import/Export images

    •Multicolored text option

    •Embedded art/photos

    •Touch screen drawing abilities


    Drawing Desk

    •Free version offers limited access

    •Kids/adult version

    •Import coloring sheets for children

    •Touch screen writing/coloring

    Drawing Desk
    Drawing Desk
  • How to Create a Free E-Book Using Book Creator Video