ABCD- A Nature Alphabet E-Book

ABCD- A Nature Alphabet E-Book

If your toddler or preschooler is working on their letters at home, the use of ABCD- A Nature Alphabet Book will enhance your interactions with them along with give you both beautiful illustrations to follow along with.

Free Kids Books has provided a printable copy of the text for parents, caregivers and educators to download. It is recommended to download this on a device that will highlight the illustrations such as an iPad, Android Tablet, or Laptop. The overall purpose is to give your child then opportunity to scroll through the letters and practice their letter sounds.

For those more advanced and who would like to keep a copy on hand, there is an option of saving the E-Book to straight to your desktop or “files.” as an alternative.

For teachers working virtually, this book can be printed and laminated for video usage. Be sure to give credit to the author and illustrator!

To download this FREE E-Book, Click HERE

AB Sea Creatures E-Book by Craig Macnaughton

AB Sea Creatures E-Book

This whimsical book is reviewed by: Turtle Trails Publishing

This week’s Wednesday Science/STEM Book Feature is A B Sea Creatures by Craig MacNaughton! It is full of bright pictures, fun facts, and less-popular ocean animals! I even learned a few new things, and it might have motivated a small research project for one of my kids! I’m happy to recommend it!

What awwww are you reading this week? I’d love to know! (It can be a science book…or not!)- Turtle Trail Publishing

If you are looking to integrate technology into an ABC literacy lesson for young children, this text would be a great first choice! -The Preschool Connect