Fine Motor

Play Doh Activity

YouTube Playdoh Activity

Materials– 1 Tube of Play Doh but 2 Tubes increases the fun!

Ages- 2-5

Technology ResourceYouTube Video

Stuck inside? Time to break out the Play Doh! The awesome thing about Play Doh is just how inexpensive it is. Generally, one tube can be as low as $.50. at Kroger or Walmart stores.

This Play Doh activity will allow all the creative juices to flow while increasing fine motor skills in your little one.

Parents– Since Play Doh is non-toxic, there are no major worries to parents or caregivers. However, supervision should be exercised, thoroughly. Encourage your child to roll, pinch, bend, and stretch Play Doh! “What can you make??”

Remote Educators– Remember to encourage the student to be creative and use the video as a guide rather than a instructions. Integrating a character from a favorite book or story will increase overall engagement.

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Happy Creating!