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YouTube Versus YouTube Kids📱- Digital Responsibility 101 for Parents

YouTube Kids has changed the game for young browsers! It’s the age of digital technology. No one can deny this fact. However, setting realistic perimeters and practicing digital responsibility is a must, to ensure children are safely engaging in technologies. YouTube now offers a YouTube Kids software application to which enables these safety perimeters to be set.

Traditional YouTube-“ing” allows for anyone to browse millions of user uploaded content based on individual interest level. However, YouTube Kids takes into consideration the risks associated with the word “anyone.”

Yes, YouTube Kids has changed the game for young browsers! Parental controls are built within the software application to with allows parents to limit screen time, control browse results and more. Parents have the option of creating “Collections” to which allow for individual selection of videos for each collection. For those interested in integrating learning activities, each collection can be categorized based on the developmental domain or interest area that is being taught (I.e. social emotional, cognitive, dance and fitness, etc). Screen time limit

Parents are encouraged to take full advantage of YouTube Kids, as this is an excellent resource to engage our little eyes, ears, and hearts.