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Barnes and Noble Free eBooks for Kids

Yes, FREE. Barnes and Noble is offering Free eBooks to children though NOOK App. This interactive app offers audiobooks along with standard text version.

Barnes and Noble’s books range from kid friendly knock knock jokes to educational books for preschoolers. Check out this book review on I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs by Rachel Branton below. Review provided by Barnes and Noble:

Bugs are for the birds!

Lisbon is hungry and it’s hard to wait for dinner. When her animal friends try to help her find something tasty to eat, the real the problems begin! Join Lisbon on her funny misadventures.

Each beautiful illustration is designed to inspire the imaginations of children. An activity page at the end of the book allows for more fun as they search for special items in the illustrations. This version of I Don’t Want to Eat Bugs has been designed specifically for ebook with larger text for easy reading. While this is a great read-aloud book for parents, teachers, and other adults to share with children, we have chosen fonts that are similar to the way children form letters for easy recognition as they begin to read on their own. The print book is also available in 8.5″ x 11″ format. Read more by clicking the link to Barnes and Noble.
Free eBooks by Nook!

Parents, to download the Nook Reading App, click the link above!

Image provided by Nook and Barnes and Noble

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